Structural Steel Machinery

The growing popularity of steel structures is due to its design efficiency that is found in such typical projects as bridges, transmission towers, electric power stations, petrochemical power stations, industrial plants, ships, skyscrapers and other uniquely complicated structures where the versatility of structural steel machinery and design is evident.

We can offer a wide range of structural steel machinery which can fully satisfy always more demanding requests and cover all needs in the structural steel and fabrication industry.

Structural Steel Machinery - FICEP Angles and Flats cover picture

Angles and Flats

Our CNC angle and flat line solutions gives the opportunity to process not only angles but also channels and flats.

FICEP Beams and Pipes - Drilling Lines Cover Picture

Beams and Pipes

The complete family of structural steel shapes and sizes that are utilized in steel structures are addressed on Ficep systems.

Structural Steel Machinery - FICEP Plate Profiling Cover Picture

Plate Profiling

The production of plates and detail items that are drilled, punched, marked, scribed, milled and cut in accordance with the required tolerances is recognized as one of the most labor intensive task in today’s steel fabrication industry.

FICEP Sawing Cover Picture


Our range of high performance disc sawing machines furnished with ‘carbide tipped’ blades is the result of our long experience in the manufacturing of CNC cutting systems.

Structural Steel Machinery - FICEP Automation Cover Picture


The new goal of the forging industry is the installation of complete automatic forging lines.

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