The Retecon Group is comprised of various companies that offer a variety of different services, and such are provided through Retecon Service (Pty) Ltd, our Spares, Tooling and Consumables (STC) department, Fumanang Entrepreneurial Promotions (Pty) Ltd and Puma Machine Tools (Pty) Ltd.

Retecon Service

Retecon Service has provided skilled, motivated and dedicated machine tool technicians for the South African manufacturing and engineering industries since 1978.

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Spares, Tooling and Consumables

Our Spares, Tooling and Consumables (STC) department stock a large variety of products at all times. They can source spares for current and/or older machine models.

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The company markets and sells products and services within the Retecon Group’s product line with a particular focus on SOE’s.

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Puma Machine Tools

Puma Machine Tools (Pty) Ltd supplies various machine tools from Asia.

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