Tube Bending Machines

Retecon (Pty) Ltd supply different solutions for wire bending, tube bending and flatstock bending.

Numalliance conceives and realises standard or custom-made installations, integrating ancillary operations such as endforming, flattening, punching, assembly, welding, upsetting, chamfering, machining, threading… as well as inline dimensional control and self correction.

Their unmatched expertise in wire bending technology gives us different perspectives to expand tube bending technologies in developing easy-to-use tools as well as feeding tube material directly as coil.

3D Tube bending machines

Tube Bending Machines - TE small

TE small

Tube bending from 3 to 20×3 mm

Tube Bending Machines - TE medium

TE medium

Tube bending from 20 to 50×3 mm

Tube Bending Machines - TE large

TE large

Tube bending from 50 to 152×3 mm

Numabend T815

Numabend T815

Tube bending from 8×1 to 15×2 mm



Tube bending from 25 to 152×2 mm

Numabend ST

Numabend ST

Tube bending from 3 to 10 mm

3D Tube and wire bending machines

Tube Bending Machines - FTX


Tube and wire bending from 8 to 16×2 mm

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