Plate Bending Machines

Retecon supply 3-roll plate bending machines and 4-roll plate bending machines by HAEUSLER.

Many of the features of bending machines, which are established as standard today, can be traced back to developments by HAEUSLER.

This inventive spirit, our uncompromising quality, thinking and the close cooperation with customers are the basis of HAEUSLER’s market leadership in the world of bending machines.

Plate Bending Machines - 3-Roll Plate Bending Machines

3-Roll Plate Bending Machines

3-roll bending machines offer the widest range of applications.

4-Roll Plate Bending Machines

4-Roll Plate Bending Machines

4-roll plate bending machines are precise, offer the highest possible degree of automation, and are very easy to operate.

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