Gear Grinding

Gear grinding dominated by the profile grinding and generating grinding processes, we supply a comprehensive range of machine series by KAPP NILES.

For fine machining, we differentiate between profile grinding and generating grinding:

Generating Gear Grinding - KX Twin Series

Generating grinding

With continuous generating grinding, the work-piece and worm-shaped tool are constantly synchronized according to the number of teeth ratio. By rotating the work-piece and tool, all tooth gaps in the work-piece are machined simultaneously during a feed movement. This avoids the loss of time that occurs during profile grinding due to the approach and overflow paths and the further sharing. It is therefore a highly productive and inexpensive method of gear grinding for small and medium-sized gears. Both dressable ceramic tools and non-dressable CBN tools (in cylinder or globoid design) can be used.

Profile Grinding Machines - ZX Series

Profile grinding

In the case of discontinuous profile grinding, the tooth flanks are machined one by one with tools with one or more grooves. The process offers a very high degree of flexibility with regard to the work-piece geometry that can be produced and meets the highest requirements for profile accuracy. It is mostly used for gear grinding in small series sizes and in prototype machining. The use of dressable ceramic tools and non-dressable CBN tools is possible.

Dominated by the profile and generating grinding processes, KAPP NILES supplies a comprehensive range of machine series.

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