TruMatic 6000 fiber



Productive thin sheet machine

The TruMatic 6000 fiber combines highest process reliability and flexibility. The solid-state laser opens up a wide range of materials to you, and processes thin sheets with cutting speeds of up to 1338 in/min. In this way, you can process non-ferrous metals, film-coated stainless steel, and galvanized sheet particularly productively. Intelligent solutions for operation parallel to production ensure that your investment pays off even faster. Various automation options guarantee process-reliable operation during the night and on the weekend.


■ Maximum productivity

■ Efficient and economical

■ Scratch-free processing

■ All options open

■ High variety of materials

■ Gentle removal

■ Clever automation

TruMatic 6000 fiber medium formatTruMatic 6000 fiber large format
Working Range
Combined operation, X axis2500 mm 2500 mm
Combined operation, Y axis1250 mm 1550 mm
Max. sheet thickness6.4 mm 6.4 mm
Max. punching force180 kN 180 kN
Number of tools/clamps22 pieces / 3 pieces 22 pieces / 3 pieces
Laser specific dataTruDisk 3001 (3 kW)TruDisk 3001 (3 kW)
Maximum Stroke Rate
(E = 1 mm)
1000 1/min 917 1/min
Marking2800 1/min 2800 1/min
Part Removal
Max. part size, fixed chute, punching (with moving table)80 mm x 50 mm 80 mm x 50 mm
Max. part size, part removal flap, laser500 mm x 500 mm 500 mm x 500 mm
Max. part size, part removal flap, punching500 mm x 500 mm 500 mm x 500 mm