TruLaser Robot Series 5000

TruLaser Robot Series 5000


Minimum costs per component – for small batch sizes and large-scale series production. Welding, cutting – a laser system from the TruLaser Robot Series 5000 can do it all: from low-volume to high-volume jobs, and components of any size or geometry. With the TruLaser Robot, you acquire a modular turnkey system from a single source. The main components are the robot, laser, processing optics, safety enclosure, and positioning units.

 ▪Cost-effective thanks to low operating costs

▪ Compact footprint

▪ Designed for laser welding 

TruLaser Robot 5020 Basic EditionTruLaser Robot 5020
Rotate/tip positioner
Number of axes22
Working range of rotating axis± 190°± 190°
Working range of tilting axis± 90°± 90°
Operating modeautomaticautomatic
Working Height850 mm850 mm
Max. load400 kg400 kg
Manual rotary table
Number of axes-1
Working range-± 178°
Working height-800 mm
Max. load per side-250 kg
Operating mode-semiautomatic, pneumatic support
TruLaser Robot 5020 Basic EditionTruLaser Robot 5020
Number of axes66
Repeat accuracy± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm
Bearing load30 kg30 kg
TRUMPF laser
Available solid-state lasersTruDiodeTruDisk
Max. laser power of the solid-state laser4000 W16000