TruLaser Series 2000


Powerful compact machine

The  is your easy introduction to highly productive laser cutting. Operation is intuitive – you can get started immediately and continuously benefit from the system performance. It does not require lots of room because the TruLaser 2030 fiber is compact and brings together its full power with minimal use of space.


■ Simple operation

■ Powerful and fast

■ Compact layout

■ Quick starting point, consistent success

■ Cost-effective single-cutting-head strategy

■ Short non-productive times

■ High availability

TruLaser 2030 fiber
Working Range
X axis3000 mm
Y axis1500 mm
Max. speed
Simultaneous140 m/min
Available LasersTruDisk 2001 / 3001 / 4001 (TRULASER)
TruDisk 2001TruDisk 3001TruDisk 4001
Max. power2000 W3000 W4000 W
Max. sheet thickness
Mild steel16 mm20 mm25 mm
Stainless Steel8 mm16 mm20 mm
Aluminium6 mm12 mm20 mm
Copper3 mm6 mm8 mm
Brass3 mm6 mm8 mm
Power Consumption of the entire system11 kW13 kW13 kW