TruLaser Center 7030


Full-service machine for your laser production

The TruLaser Center 7030 integrates all laser cutting processes into a single machine for the first time. The advantage for you: Your throughput time and processing costs will be drastically reduced. As a result, you get the optimal profitability out of your laser machining process.


■ Completely self-reliant

■ Intelligent cutting

■ Quick and reliable

■ Unloading in record time

■ Easy programming

TruLaser Center 7030
Working Range
X axis3000 mm
Y axis1500 mm
Z axis120 mm
Weight with all units38860 kg
Available LasersTruDisk 6001
TruLaser Center 7030
TruDisk 6001
Max. power6000 W
Max. sheet thickness
Mild steel12.7 mm
Stainless steel12.7 mm
Aluminium6 mm
Copper6 mm
Brass6 mm