TruMark Station 7000


Large scale in series production.

With its large interior dimensions, the TruMark Station 7000 marking system offers a great amount of space for almost any application. It is possible to mark single large components, components weighing up to 220 lbs with laser precision, or a large number of small parts for production. An additional option for the TruMark Station 7000 is our rotary table system which assists with parallel-to-production loading and clearly boosts productivity. It is perfectly suited for heavy components and fixtures up to approx. 77 lbs per side. The entire work area has excellent accessibility and the outstanding ergonomics make it easy to work with. The motorized door provides safety and boosts productivity by opening and closing quickly. There is also an option to partially open or close the door. The fast-moving axes keep non-productive time to a minimum. Various smoke and particle extraction systems which are perfectly tailored to our TruMark lasers ensure the work environment is emission-free, even when using high laser power. In addition, the torsion-resistant system ensures excellent vibration damping even for heavy components through a polymer concrete plate as a central component.

■ Specialist for series production

■ Outstanding ergonomics

■ Easy to use

■ No dust or smoke

■ Perfect wavelength and laser power

■ The productivity boost