TruBend Cell 7000


Innovative high-speed bending cell.

The TruBend Cell 7000 offers users a compact system for the highly dynamic, efficient bending of small parts.

■ Quicker production

■ A small-part specialist

■ Automatic production

■ Precise angles

■ Effortless tool change

■ Optimized material flow

TruBend Cell 7036
Press force360 kN
Width between columns1530 mm
Usable open height300 mm
Throat depth515 mm
Y Rapid traverse220 mm/s
Max. carrying capacity15 kg
Max. part weight1.5 kg
Max. part weight with restricted speed3 kg
Max. part size500 mm x 380 mm
Min. sheet thickness0.7 mm
Max. sheet thickness6 mm