TruPrint 1000


Laser metal fusion for complex, metallic components.

The TruPrint 1000 is the most productive machine in compact form and offers you all the benefits of additive manufacturing. The build volume (cylinder) is 100 mm in diameter and a height of 100 mm. This can be reduced for precious metals. The TruPrint 1000 can be used to create components in almost any geometric shape. Even relatively complex shapes can be quickly and easily converted from the CAD design to a 3D metallic component – with top quality. You can use the TruPrint 1000 for the generative production of small industrial single parts and series. With the multilaser option, you can also achieve an increase in productivity of up to 80% and the utmost flexibility when processing customer orders.

■ Simple and intuitive operation

■ High process speed

■ Maximum productivity

■ Mobile operation and monitoring

■ Quick worldwide support

■ Can be individually adapted