ACF Corner Former



simply corner forming: THE ORIGINAL

NO welding

NO grinding

Improve your production process for corner forming in various materials with our corner former machine ACF CORNERFORMER.

This new flexible corner forming machine makes corner welding obsolete. It offers completly new opportunities in metal sheet production of doors, panels and road signs without welding of corners or grinding them.
Cold forming of corners for these applications in any formable material (Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium,…) allow you to use nearly any material thickness in individual flange heights.

No size limitation of parts with corner former machine

Our sheet metal corner former machine is used throughout the world in the fabrication of different parts, as panels, doors or road signs.

The new tooling design allow to form corners in any flange height in connection with any material thickness up to 5 mm. The corner forming radius can be determined from 2 mm up to 100 mm. Special corner angles from 60° up to 150° are formable on our specific tools.


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