TruLaser Station 5005



Laser welding made easy

The compact laser machine, the TruLaser Station 5005, offers you an affordable way into the world of laser welding. Even small and medium-sized parts can be processed in an affordable and space-saving manner. The TruLaser Station 5005 takes up no more than 10.75 ft², including its integrated exhaust system. The degree of operator convenience, on the other hand, is great: the laser machine is available as a standing or seated work station, with a powerful control concept that is easy and intuitive to operate.


■ Affordable entry

■ Powerful control concept

■ Reliable processing

TruLaser Station 5005
Axis travel range
X / Y / Z axis300 / 300 / 500 mm
B axis± 120°
C axisn x 360°
Max. axis speed
Axially parallel in X / Y / Z axis6 m/min
Simultaneous10 m/min
B axis15 RPM
Positioning accuracy
Linear axes X / Y / Z0.1 mm
Rotary axes B0.1 °
TruLaser Station 5005
TRUMPF laser
Available LasersTruDiode, TruDisk, TruFiber, TruMicro (fiber-led), TruPulse
Laser power1000 W