TruLaser Cell Series 1000



Expert for strips, tubes, and profiles.

The TruLaser Cell 1100 is a flexible beam guidance system that you can integrate easily into your production line. It is specially designed for the endless welding of any seam geometry on strips, tubes, and profiles, as well as welding of rotationally symmetrical parts. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to the material. With the laser welding system you can weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and even non-ferrous metals, from a tenth of a millimeter up to several millimeters thick. The flexibility, quality, and reliability are increased through the wide range of welding optics with linear or swivel axes, as well as sensor systems for seam detection and tracking (e.g. SeamLine or SeamLine Pro). Depending on the application and material, either CO2 or solid-state lasers from TRUMPF are used.


■ Flexible structure

■ Increase profitability

■ Simple control

■ Variable beam guidance system

■ Perfect interaction

TruLaser Cell 1100 Basic EditionTruLaser Cell 1100
Working range
X axis150 mm300 / 500 mm
Q axis (additional axis)50 mm50 mm
Z axis150 mm300 / 500 mm
X axis0.01 mm0.1 mm
Q axis (additional axis)-0.05 mm
Z axis0.01 mm0.1 mm
Axis speed
Simultaneous-42 m/min
Axis X / Z-30 m/min
Control-B+R Soft SPS
Length2100 mm2700 mm
Width1220 mm1200 mm
Height2210 mm2800 mm
TRUMPF laser
Max. laser power of TruFlow CO₂ laser6000 W12000 W
Max. laser power of solid-state laser-8000 W